lundi 11 novembre 2013

Rose Rose Rose en répétitions à Ung Scen/Öst

ung scen/öst was formed in 2001 as a branch to Östgötateatern. The mission is to set up drama for children and youth in the ages between 6 and 25, with the entire province of Östergötland as a target audience area.
Being a school theatre, the main audiences consist of middle school, lower and upper secondary school students. The larger part of the company’s productions is performed on our own stages in Linköping and at Teater Bråddgatan 34 in Norrköping, but ung scen/öst also stage classroom performances, touring the county. Since its startup the theatre company has been situated in Elsas Hus in Linköping.
Swedish and foreign dramasung scen/öst predominantly sets up original Swedish and foreign dramas. Most of our productions are global premières or Swedish first ever performances. In average, ung scen/öst sets up four productions annualy, together consisting of about 200 performances.

In march 2006, the theatre was comissioned by the Swedish government to act as the national child- and youth theatre stage. This assignment spans the years from 2006 to 2008, during which time ung scen/öst has lead the way in Swedish child and youth theatre.

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